Kersia - The new name for Kilco


It is almost two years since KILCO were acquired by the KERSIA Group. KILCO joined KERSIA because of its excellence towards creating biosecurity products, ones which are trusted around the world. KERSIA is a global leader of food safety.

KERSIA’s strategy like that of KILCO has been tailored to meet the demands and needs of an ever-changing world. At KERSIA our aim is to become your most trusted partner ‘FROM FARM TO FORK’. Consumers worry about the health of the planet and accept no compromise on food safety. KERSIA’S value added products and solutions prevent diseases or contamination in both animals and humans at every stage of the food supply chain.

We would like to thank you for supporting KILCO for so many years and you can be assured that KERSIA Group will continue to invest in new products and services for the development of our customers and our food processors. Ultimately it is the needs of the end consumer who is at the very top of our list of priorities, with the products we manufacture. To ensure that you and your family, consume food with complete confidence.

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